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Power in Unity

Indian country commerce

It is difficult for Indigenous American people to compete with larger population racial groups who can more easily form support coalitions. Brands generally don’t look for ways to interact with the indigenous demographic. In fact, rather than supporting and promoting Indigenous platforms, Brands often claim design and traditions as their own and consider it open public domain. This lack of focus on and promotion of indigenuity leaves a fragmented group of people to fend for themselves. There is a need to provide a more efficient mechanism for businesses and consumers to identify and locate products and services that, in many cases, can and should only be provided by American Indians.

Image (Frank Waln) at the 2014 Reject and Protect NoKXL rally in Washington, D.C. courtesy of Stolen Nation Productions.

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CITIZENS - Upon registration for a Citizen account in Fan.C, you will be able to outline your expertise, showcase custom art and products, register for events and pow-wows, see My Tribal News, run custom searches, and interact with communities, tribes, and consumers. Whether your expertise is related to indigenous or non-indigenous products, services or interests, you will be able to profile them so that people and businesses can find and connect with you.

Image courtesy of Stolen Nation Productions.


Scouting for Resources

Find a native

You represent a company or organization that supports and promotes indigenous Citizens but you need help to identify them. As a registered Scout in Fan.C, you can post company events, search for and submit email and dashboard notifications to Citizens or Citizen Groups.

You can support and promote the people of Indian Country.

Image (Tatanka) courtesy of Stolen Nation Productions.


Tribal Nations

Connecting descendants

Your official indigenous organization was formed to organize, support, promote, and educate its citizens using knowledge of history, government, and commerce in an equitable and harmonious manner. You are a business entity with an official list of Tribal members.  As a registered Tribe in Fan.C, you can post Tribal events, pow-wows, and news. Your posts will be seen by anyone who expresses interest or indicates they are Citizens of your Nation. When Citizens register for your events, you will be notified and can generate reports and responses.

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