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Every day, we see more and more Native resources across Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit, and other sites who have the skills and experience that people are looking for. But there is no central source for identifying and connecting with them in a manner that is specifically geared towards Tribal Nations, communities, and culture.

The indigenous people of the America's have expertise, experience, talent, and education in a multitude of areas. This includes specific cultural Tribal Nation focus as well as general all-purpose categories. Whether someone is looking for an expert in environmental issues related to corroded pipelines or a college graduate with a degree in Computer Science who lives in Florida, they will be able to find them in the Fan.C database. If you need a drum group, a Smoke Dancer, or an emcee for the pow-wow, you can find them and connect with them. If you are a pow-wow regular and you want to register for events, contests, or as a vendor, you can do that online in Fan.C.

You determine your preferences and see them on a dashboard upon login. You will be notified when an event is posted that meets your personal selection criteria, when someone is looking for your expertise, when your Tribe posts an update, and much more. Profile types in Fan.C will include Citizens, Scouts, Tribal Nations, and guests.

There is a tremendous need for the functionality that will be available in Fan.C. If you have experience in any of the following and you can envision the significance of what Fan.C will provide, we can't wait to hear from you!

  • Development of complex web data systems
  • RDBMS web system architecture and development
  • UI design
  • Digital graphics
  • Collecting and streamlining data for upload
  • Social media marketing

Click on the Today's Native Rising and locate the Questionnaire link to send us the detail of the incredible you who wants to be in the original Fan.C circle. The survey will request specific information and you can add additional details in the final comment section.

You can also go directly to the questionnaire or send us an email at


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