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Who we are

Fan.C (fancy) promotes discovery and communication between Native Americans, businesses, and consumers. Fan.C will include user-specific networking, real-time interaction, enhanced searches, and Tribal Nation data for both traditional and modern living.

Bringing Visibility To indigenous Nations

Commerce - Causes

 Community - Culture

➢  Increasing visibility of indigenous Citizens
➢  Promoting commerce
➢  Strengthening communities
➢  Supporting culture and communication

  • Fan.C (pronounced fancy) supports Indian Country: events, pow-wow registration, arts & craft showcasing, indigenous resource searches, community and tribal interaction in all types of commerce.

  • User interest notifications are based on preference: #MMIW, #NoDAPL, #NoACP, Tribal events, pow-wows, etc.

  • Indigenous visibility and commerce are key: identification of Native owned businesses and resources for Government, Commercial, private sector, heritage events, and consumers

  • Global awareness and education about Tribal Nations: commonalities, distinctions, and historical accuracy

  • Encouraging unity among Tribal Nations, communities, and indigenous people across Turtle Island

  • Broadcast Alerts: Notification of Citizens missing or in harms way, monthly discovery of Today's Native Rising!

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